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Our baby boomers are getting older and they need access to healthcare to help their golden years get brighter.  They are the generation that sacrificed the most to give us the freedoms we have and it is our duty to make sure that they have the healthcare they deserve.

Our working class is getting larger and they are unable to see the doctor due to time and costs.  They are the backbone of our economy and yet are the most affected by the current state of our healthcare system.  It needs to be more affordable so that they can access when first signs of illness appear and not when it becomes an emergency.

Our children are our most vulnerable.  They are our future. Without them, we will not have the doctors and nurses and other healthcare providers that can help the citizenry obtain the care they need.  Children must be cared for so that they may care for us in the future.

We need healthcare that is affordable and that is available to all For A Healthier Dallas County.

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